Current Rock of Residence:


Island Girl Since:

October 2001

Originally Hails From:

Groningen, the Netherlands

Swan was born in 1979 in a tiny village in the northern part of the Netherlands. She was a tomboy growing up with three older brothers, spending her time climbing in trees and building huts.

Later in life, during her studies in Groningen, she went to Bonaire to do a thesis and spent six months working on that and, well… partying. She met a Tall Drink of Water – he who shall henceforth be called TDW – and fell in love. But she wanted to finish her degree and so she went back to the Netherlands. Meanwhile, that little rock was always in the back of her mind. Its water, its weather, its lifestyle – it had her in its grip. Swan stayed in touch with TDW and after receiving her degree, she was hired by the company she did a thesis with in Bonaire, a project that would keep her busy there for three months. Three months quickly became two years, she switched to a real estate job, and has worked there and loved it ever since.

The relationship with TDW did not survive. Island girl or not, she is someone with goals and a desire to further herself in life – a commitment TDW regrettably did not share. After some wonderfully fun times, their incompatibility became apparent, and she moved on.

Swan is now on Bonaire making a living in property management, leading her life, and feeling good – most of the time. She drives a big, black old pick-up truck and loves to go kiteboarding, a passion she has been into for over a decade. She loves to ride the wild coast with its six foot waves and is proud to say she crossed the sea between Bonaire and Curaçao on a kiteboard. When it’s really warm, she loves a c-c-c-cold beer, but is mostly a lover of wine (any kind) and cheese.

Swan hopes that the stories she shares will bring a smile to your face and give you that familiar feeling, Hey! I know exactly what she is talking about!

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