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Suzie is 27 and married with two dogs, a cat, and a husband. They are fortunate enough to be their own bosses and run their very own little home-stay. Their days off are rare with their kids having kids – at the moment they have 2 dogs with 4 pups and 1 cat with 4 kittens. They have beehives to tend to.

She is the oldest of 7, but her little brother passed at 6 months so now it’s only 6. She can say that common sense can’t be taught, as it has depreciated during the generations of her younger siblings.

Suzie loves writing and reading as it keeps her entertained when she gets annoyed with what people call television nowadays. She doesn’t have the patience to sit and wait for adverts while waiting to see what’s going to happen in the next scene. It drives her insane.

She is half Fijian, Indian, and a bit of everything else. Her husband was born in Fiji but grew up in NZ, being the pale pink or white people think he is. Here on the island, as much as the society is developing, the mindset is still pretty naive. A lot of times, she finds herself treated as second class, not just because of who she married, but also due to skin tone and being a young business woman. Recently she started a page on Facebook, Wonder Woman Fiji, where she expresses her thoughts and true events that have happened, hoping her fellow peers will add on a few of their experiences too.

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