Written By:

Sara Volponi

Current Rock of Residence:

Nassau, Bahamas

Island Girl Since:


Originally Hails From:

Milan, Italy

For Sara, it’s always been about adventure. She gets bored very easily if she stays in the same spot, so her heart and mind are always searching. For her, if there’s a new adventure, there’s always a way to attain it.

Sara was born and raised in Italy in the fashion capital of Milan. One day, while working for the Italian designer Missoni in Florence, she met a stranger who walked into her shop looking for some summery clothes. Unfortunately, it was September and the winter collection was already the main line being sold all over the city. He told her he lived in a beautiful place with a hot climate all year round, a place that sounded to her like paradise, a place called the Bahamas.

After two dates, like in the best stories, he had a plane ticket to head back to paradise and she said, “I’ll come visit you one day.” She wanted that day to be really close. So 50 days later, she was on a plane to the Bahamas without really knowing him or a word of English. Almost a decade later, she has fulfilled most of her dreams being anything she ever wanted to be in only one life – a wife, a mother, a pastry chef, a tour guide, a masseuse, a translator, a writer, a teacher, an entrepreneur, and last but not least, a dancer/musician/singer. And there are still more island dream adventures ahead…

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