Roos van der Haar

Current Rock of Residence:


Island Girl Since:


Originally Hails From:

The Netherlands, Amsterdam

After graduation, Roos followed the love of her life to Curaçao. Not to live on the island, build a life there, and live happily ever after – no, that wasn’t the plan. She came to relax, get a tan, enjoy her holiday, and bring her boy back to Amsterdam (which at that time, could be referred to as home for the both of them). That was four years ago and Roos still lives on Curaçao. It became a happily ever after story on the rock after all – or at least the start of it!

Curaçao may have seemed like a challenge at first, but Roos soon got used to living the island life and is still enjoying it each and every day. She works as a Marketing and Events Manager where beautiful weddings, fabulous parties, delicious food, drinks, and a lot of socializing are all a part of her day to day business. This didn’t come as a big surprise to her family and friends, as Roos has always believed in fairy tales, big wedding days, and all other kinds of romantic crap. As long as she can organize it (whatever it may be), she’s happy. Her birthday parties will always have themes, her food will always be homemade, and her cupcakes will always be pretty in pink.

She lives her life by her mom’s advice: “There is always a good reason to party!” and “Everything should be celebrated.”

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