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Puerto Rico

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Phoenix, Arizona (the largest city on the surface of the Sun, yes it gets that HOT)

Jennifer lives in a sleepy little town on the East coast of Puerto Rico. Joining her on this adventure is one brave man, an elderly Labrador, and a newly adopted island cat. A day stopover in Old San Juan was enough to fall in love with this island, which resulted in a one-way ticket purchase a couple of years later beginning this new island life.

Jennifer gave up big city living for a simpler life, which somehow still involves running multiple IT consulting companies and two (double the crazy) blogs! Work days are spent on the patio desk enjoying the Caribbean breeze and listening to the cows grazing nearby.

Her days off are spent SCUBA diving, snorkeling, begging for rides on friends and stranger’s boats, hiking around her rock, exploring every rumor of a waterfall, or sipping a delicious rum beverage at the beach.

If you want to read her practical fashion tips, check out 2 Morrows Dress, or follow along her exciting travel adventures on Jen There Done That.

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