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Miss Ingrid is a stay-at-home mom, former St. John substitute teacher, sometime painter and writer, and St. John resident for the past four years. She has a love/hate relationship with the island but much like with men and dessert, she just can’t leave it alone. She’s currently learning how to drive her standard Jeep (aka “stick shift”), so when you see her, watch out – sometimes she’s in the right gear and other times…not so much. When she’s not out taking the island by Wrangler, you can find her at home laughing, holding, or cleaning up after her ever-moving, ever-growing 10 month old, Ivory. Miss Ingrid is also a musician on her rock and you can catch her weekly performances on beautiful St. John, USVI. For more information, check out her Facebook page.

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10 Things That Can Happen if You Play Music on a Rock

I love playing live music on my rock. As a singer/songwriter in the US Virgin Islands, I’ve played at every major musical venue in Love City, St. John. I feel very blessed. It is pure joy to know that people dig the voice above my six strings. That's what I call...

Island Mama Siesta

I’ve got toddlers. Squirming, Doc McStuffins loving, "Let It Go" singing, female toddlers. Because I am home with them day and night, they look to me for their every need. When I’ve had enough, my gracious husband takes over and demands me to leave the house. “Go...

Babies on the Beach: No Pictures Please!

The trouble with raising your babies on a rock in the Caribbean is that whenever you're on the beach, tourists inevitably want to take their picture. The tourists head down to paradise, having already been enchanted by internet images of golden-haired, brown-skinned...

My Baby was Bahn Here

Well, okay, not really bahn here (island speak for "born here"), but she's been here on St. John since she was 2 months old. Her mother - me - is a controlling Virgo and first-time mom. I must say that after watching so many pregnancy/new mother/chick-flick movies, my...

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