Written By:

Gaby Gambina

Current Rock of Residence:

Sumbawa, Indonesia

Island Girl Since:

Birth. Current Rock, since 2015.

Originally Hails From:

Malta (island in the Mediterranean)

Gabrielle’s current home is the little known Indonesian island of Sumbawa. Its remote location is idyllic, albeit a bit too quiet on occasion with no bars, restaurants, or anything remotely resembling a social scene. After a lifetime in the corporate high-flying scene in London, she is now a member of the sarong-wearing, barefoot surf babes.

Gaby spends her time conquering waves, communing with the underwater world, and tending to her vegetable garden. Her creativity has finally been allowed to run riot in this silent, peaceful setting. She creates amazing culinary delights out of the limited produce available on the island. The sewing skills learnt in her childhood have been put to use creating colourful, whimsical bags out of clothes and other materials that wash up on the beach after a storm. Her blog about the construction of the beach house on this paradise island, Maison Gabrielle, has spurred her to take up writing and she is currently working on her first novel.

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