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Have you ever met an ambivert whose favourite hobby is to connect with others? Her only sibling, Najuma Ellis, has often observed her big sister retiring to bed with a smile on her face because she always looked forward to new experiences.

Miss Davia Ellis has been exploring her world on the island of Jamaica for over 25 years. Before Ms Ellis had graduated from the oldest high school in the English-speaking Caribbean, she was too curious about people’s behaviour to not study Psychology and she is always appreciative of her mother’s perseverant efforts throughout her schooling too.

One summer, while attending university, Ms Ellis experienced the United States of America which Jamaicans refer to as “foreign” – as if other countries outside of Jamaica wouldn’t be esteemed enough to be considered a foreign country. Then, she canvassed in Canada (another “foreign”) during two summers.

After acquiring her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology at Northern Caribbean University (2015), she moved to Colombia for an entire year in 2017 where she taught English to Spanish students: Ms Ellis is a social learner who had always wanted to be immersed in a Spanish-speaking country.

Miss Ellis didn’t realize the many therapeutic opportunities she was missing until she trotted the hills with Carlos Nieto, Felipe Guiterrez, and the rest of the gang from Senderos Villavo in Villavicencio, Colombia.

When she returned to Jamaica, feeling fulfilled and inspired, she decided that she should share Jamaica with the world through articles, poetry, and song.

As a teacher of life skills with the Ministry of Education in Jamaica, she still finds time to facilitate or cheer programs, teach English to foreigners, sing cultural songs, meet people across the world, and such. According to her:

Life can be a drama,
And I can be the Queen.

What’s life without karma?
A contrary scene.

I have one life to live
To love and forgive

To give back to the Father, my mother
And help a sister or brother.

Could you help me build my dream?
Yes, we can be a team.

I have so much to celebrate
And a few things to truly hate.

I look better when I smile
So, I smile all the while.

I’m grateful for second chances
And creative circumstances.

I’m grateful for you
For I need you too.

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