Written By:

Cristina Sanchez

Current Rock of Residence:

Puerto Rico

Island Girl Since:


Originally Hails From:

Bronx, NY (where else?)

Cristina is a single mom living with her 11 year old son Alex and their dogs, Hayze and Rico. She is an advocate for pitbulls, even if it is only advocating on Facebook. (Obviously, Hayze and Rico are pitbulls.) She and Alex love the beach; sand between her toes makes her sigh with contentment. Cristina is currently working towards her bachelor’s degree in Elementary English Education. A fierce friend and hard worker, Cristina is never idle (or so she thinks). She loves nothing more than to blast music on Pandora and sing away the blues. She dreams of trips to Disney World, Universal Studios, and European museums (and beaches, of course) and fantasizes about getting a passport! Until then, she hangs out at home with Alex and the dogs, living vicariously through her friends on Facebook and waiting patiently for the lottery gods to bless her with winning numbers.

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