Analise Kandasammy

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Trinidad and Tobago

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To Analise, authenticity is letting your soul become visible and shine through for the world to see. She believes that the path to a meaningful life first begins with accepting and loving your authentic self. A few years ago, she chose to live a meaningful life over an ambitious one. She was fumbling along this new path because she lacked the two most crucial parts of the formula: liking herself and being herself. If Oprah, Skip Bayless, Michelle Obama, and Richard Branson had a love child, it would be her. Mostly because she’s part spiritual badass, part sports aficionado, part Goddess, and part business strategist. Analise has a deep passion for developing entrepreneurial visions that are community-based and creative. She is fascinated with how culture shapes societies and as a mixed woman, she is a diversity enthusiast. Sports, yoga, books, theatre, art, and film are therapy for her. She’d be physically and emotionally lost without them. Professionally, she is an expert generalist in the field of business and has branded herself as an “organizational architect”. She has gained a unique perspective acquiring a wealth of experience in working in the corporate world, small/family businesses, and as a multi-passionate entrepreneur. As an organizational architect, Analise utilizes business systems that help entrepreneurs and companies bring exponential increases to their profitability, productivity, and organizational design. She hopes that one day (in the near future) the stars align for her to pour the stories that live within her into screenplays and books. Until then, she hopes you enjoy her stories.

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