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Adair Arlen

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Island Girl Since:


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Born and raised in Chicago, Adair had a happy but unremarkable childhood, ever trying for school grades good enough so she could go unnoticed. Teachers remarked on her report cards that she was too shy. That was then. She now loves to ham it up on stage. Go figure.

Since 2000, Adair has lived on the ruggedly beautiful West Indian island of Montserrat with her English husband and their series of Westies and island dogs. An English major, Adair attended Blackburn College and Southern Illinois University, followed by evening classes at the Chicago campuses of Loyola University, the University of Chicago, DePaul University, and later, Tulane University in New Orleans. Never unemployed, Adair considers her more than five year stint in the Advertising Department of Playboy magazine’s Chicago home office as one of her more interesting jobs; she always had too much to do and was never bored. Another favorite job was at Southern Illinois University in the Department of Graphics and Publications where she worked with writers, editors, artists, and designers. She also owned and managed a secretarial service across Lake Pontchartrain on New Orleans’ north shore.

Adair was inspired to write by her engineer husband, who built her a studio for that purpose. “So what else could I do but start writing? I finally ran out of excuses not to.” And so Paul Gregory, the saloon-owning Private Eye was created. There are now four books in the series and the fifth is a work in progress. Adair feels fortunate to have a studio where she can paint, as well as an office where she writes. She observes, “We live in a place where even the most mundane task can be performed in a setting of breathtaking beauty. We’re surrounded by the magnificence of the Caribbean at cliff’s edge, islands in the distance, mountains as a backdrop, and flowering trees and gardens everywhere in between. The air we breathe is clean and fresh, and our water is pure and delicious. Life is good.”

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