Stranded in Paradise, Part 2.

Written by Ashley …Continued from Part 1. Sending my mood upward still, a rooster gallops across the yard.  Not so much galloping in the way of a horse…more in the way of a three-year-old little girl pretending to be a unicorn. … Continue reading

Stranded in Paradise, Part 1.

girl and dog need ride sign

Written by Ashley Goodbye, Average Adult Existence. Helloooo, Never-Never Land! I recently heard it put by a longtime resident that life on my island is akin to an extended college experience. While not a perfect comparison, it’s far more accurate … Continue reading

Island Irony at its Finest

Written by: The Writers of Women Who Live on Rocks   So much of the comedy of island life lies in its ironic nature. Few things go as planned around these parts. In fact, a surefire way for something not to go … Continue reading