An Open Letter to Departing Island Friends

Written by: Chrissann   It seems like every couple of years, what feels like a mass exodus takes place. All of a sudden, friend after friend, acquaintance after acquaintance, is moving off island, most often headed back to “the real world“. Life … Continue reading

Coming Clean

Written by: Iris T   Living year-round in the tropics, I have never had more than a two-minute chat with a tourist that didn’t lead to the question, “So, what do you do?” If I’m in a smart-ass mood, I … Continue reading

Directionally Challenged

Written by: CHRISSANN NICKEL   There are many reasons why, if I ever found myself in some sort of wilderness survival situation, I would likely perish, never to be seen again. We’ve all clicked through those shows with the ominous … Continue reading

The Closet

Written by: Dillinger   The closet is full to bursting. Though not my closet, which is decidedly bare. The proverbial “closet’”. The one where Martha lives wrapped up in a rainbow scarf, but Arthur won’t let her out. If you ask a … Continue reading

She Only Sleeps When It’s Raining

Written by: Maura   When most people think of life on a Caribbean island, they usually conjure up images of beautiful beaches, warm weather, and crystal clear waters. They think of a calm and slower pace of life and that … Continue reading

Island Casual

Written by: Chrissann   Life in the islands is not without its perks. One of the main ones, I’ve found, is the casual lack of primping standards we hold ourselves to down here. I generally make a modest effort to … Continue reading

Wax On, Wax Off

Written by: Chrissann   Caveat: For those of you who read the title above and found yourself hoping to attain some sort of Mr. Miyagi-esque sagacity from this post, I feel compelled to provide full disclosure – the aforementioned wax … Continue reading