Those Embarrassing Island Newbie Errors

Have you ever wished that you could travel back in time and give your Past Self some tips, recommendations, or warnings? If I, for example, could travel back to 1997, I would tell my Past Self to avoid the denim … Continue reading

7 Things No One Tells You about Moving to a Rock

As we near our second year anniversary of making the leap to move to an island, site unseen, I have realized some “truths” about life on a rock. When we were grappling with the decision of making the move, I … Continue reading

Reflections of a Rookie “Rock Restauranteur”

Written by: VALERIE SIMS   I have lived on rocks all my life. I love them so much I’ve read everything I can find about them. Call me the “rock researcher”, for there isn’t a rock in the Virgin Islands that I … Continue reading

5 Things I’ve Learned About Retirement On A Rock

I have lived on my rock for 15 of the 24 months that I have been retired. Who knew there could be so much craziness in the “golden years”? Here’s what I’ve learned so far: 1) Retirement on a rock … Continue reading

Christmas Cookies and Island-style Honesty

Written by: Chrissann   While I’ve never been a big holiday person, the one thing I have always looked forward to come December is the sudden influx of sugar-infused gifts for my insatiable sweet tooth to consume. From boxes of … Continue reading