Life on these Jamaican Roads

Written by: Beverley   Back in the folly of my youth (anytime prior to August 23, 2004), I swore vehemently that I would NEVER EVER get a driver’s license, as I did not want to be a part of the … Continue reading

My Island Return: The Readjustment Diaries

Written by: Maura   I recently returned to my adopted rock of Tortola after living and working in Ireland for the last five months. I’ve only been back on island for two weeks and the readjustment process has ranged from wonderful … Continue reading

Hitchin’ a Ride

Written by: Chrissann   I don’t pick up hitchhikers. There. I said it. This is a difficult confession for me to make, as I worry it exposes me as a fundamentally unlikable island person. But I have my reasons, a few … Continue reading

Learner Driver – The Finale

Written by: Baldrick   Months have passed since my last post on the driving saga and so you could be forgiven for thinking I had hushed up a third failure, but… Ta-dah! I am delighted to present my driver’s licence. … Continue reading

The Wrath of Island Karma

Written by: Melissa B   I have always maintained a moderate belief in karma. I mean, I wasn’t superstitious about it or anything, but it was comforting to think that your good deeds would eventually pay off and that the … Continue reading

Learner Driver – Part 1

Written by: Baldrick   When I worked for one of the world’s wealthiest Russians, I often had the pleasure of being escorted by members of the security team when moving to and from the yacht and villa. They can be … Continue reading

Road-tripping, Tortola style

Written by: Sophie   Fellow WWLOR contributor Kate recently posted this link to a Caribbean Journal article on her Facebook wall, questioning whether the author of the article had actually ever driven around Tortola at all: Caribbean Road Trip: Tortola, BVI. After … Continue reading

The Plight of Four Wheels

Written by: Melissa B   Prior to moving to the islands, I of course considered the many challenges that I would be faced with: Would I be able to handle the heat? Would snakes abound? Was I going to be … Continue reading