Picking My Feminist Battles

Written by: Chrissann   Grocery list in hand, ready to bang out some errands, I stride from the parking lot and am close to making it into the store when I hear a West Indian man‘s voice behind me, calling … Continue reading

Things That Are No Longer Weird To Me

Written by: Rika   I’m coming up close on 2 years full-time on my rock of Roatan, and in that relatively short amount of time, I have found myself noticing things that were shocking at first, but I no longer … Continue reading

To Curse or Not to Curse (the Loudness), That Is the Question

Written by: Jen L   Within the first week of our arrival to Santo Domingo, a neighbor downstairs had a party and all I could think was: For the love of God, I’m 8 months uncomfortably pregnant and I just want to … Continue reading

The Flow of Island Traffic

Written by: Chantelle   Back in the 80’s, the Seychelles got their first taste of modernity – their very first traffic light. Apparently, when it was first installed, people would take picnics and sit and watch it working. Taxi drivers … Continue reading

The Rhythm is Gonna Get Ya

Written by: Eliza   One thing about Dominicans that endears me is their innate musical nature. They have an almost involuntary response to music — they simply must dance. But the musical culture is not contained merely within the Dominican … Continue reading

Caribbean Car Culture (*IN PHOTOS*)

Written by: Chrissann   One of the things I love most about Caribbean culture is that everything is loud – in every sense of the word. Audibly, people sing aloud to themselves and no one in particular; laughter is no … Continue reading

Island Perplexities Currently Perplexing Me

Written by: Dillinger   A couple of years living on this island and my grasp on reality becomes ever diminished. As each day dawns, my understanding of the world and the people around me becomes less and less. I don’t … Continue reading

The Rules of Engagement…Does it Matter?

Written by: Dillinger   About a decade ago, I crossed paths with a gentleman called Dr. Dolvinsky. He was undeniably screwed up. He was bi-polar, had middle-child syndrome, chronic diabetes, a 50-something German wife, a 20-something Swedish girlfriend, and a … Continue reading

The Bodyguard

Written by: Dillinger   From an early age, I’ve been a freak magnet. It’s genetic. My Father is a freak magnet too.  Leave either one of us alone in a public place for more than a few minutes and some … Continue reading

Take a Number

Written by: Chrissann   I am in need of a new government ID card and am not expecting it to be easy to obtain. At the time of this story, I have lived on my first rock for a little … Continue reading