Moving Again: My 10 Most Recent Island Apartment Fails

Written by: Sophie   As has been pointed out to me by many a friend, colleague, and eavesdropper, I have seriously bad luck when it comes to apartments. Since 2004 (yikes), I have moved 10 times, not including my 10-month … Continue reading

Uninvited Island Roomates

Written by: Ginger   Coming from a cold weather state, I’m accustomed to looking for a certain set of perks in an apartment. I’d comb Craigslist postings, praying to see the words “heat included!” Gym facilities were a major plus, … Continue reading

A Story about an Island Landlord and his Cousin’s China Cabinet

Written by: Melissa   Once upon a time, we moved to an island and into an apartment, sight unseen. Our employer had secured it for us through a realtor so that we didn’t have to spend the money on an … Continue reading