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I’ve got toddlers. Squirming, Doc McStuffins loving, “Let It Go” singing, female toddlers. Because I am home with them day and night, they look to me for their every need. When I’ve had enough, my gracious husband takes over and demands me to leave the house. “Go explore the island!” he says. “Go to the beach, go shopping, have a cocktail and an appetizer! Enjoy yourself, I’ve got the kids.” So I kiss the babies, grab my purse, and go. With this kind of scenario, straight out of an ABC Family movie, what could be the problem? This mama should be off adventuring with glee, right?

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Except… I am exhausted. Seriously, deeply tired. Between the girls, working, and being a domestic wife, I am aching – though not for a rum and coke, but a nap and time to snooze. The last thing I have the energy for is shopping – even the leisurely kind – or hiking, or anything else frankly where I’m not prostrate. Trouble is, I cannot go home and sleep as most people would do – it’s impossible. One child might go to sleep, the other might want to continue our titillating conversation on Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and What He Sees. So I’ve come up with the perfect solution: The Island Mama Siesta. That’s right – instead of holding up the local saloon, I use my “me” time for a delicious snooze.

Here’s how to master The Island Mama Siesta:

1) Get rid of the kids

You can’t have a proper nap with your beloved baby shifting and moving under your arms, searching for the right spot. Fresh out of nannies and the father’s nowhere to be found? Use your island support system. My choice for a babysitter in a pinch: happy hour friends. Now wait… is that a smirk, Island Mama? Do I sense a snicker or a snarl? Don’t judge it so quickly! First, we are not talking infants here (sorry, this only applies to those of us with toddlers or older). Second, it’s got to be a sober chum you’d trust with your little one. Don’t trust just one? Get a few. Your child will love the attention and your local island neighbors will love keeping the lil’ one entertained with educational and unique drinking songs for at least for an hour.

2) Embrace the solitude

This is part is crucial. The Island Mama Siesta is just for you and you alone with only one thing on the agenda: luxurious shut-eye. There are to be no lovers of any sort around. Same goes for girlfriends – catch-up and chat time is for another day. Resist the urge to call anyone or text or read or social media anything. Unplug so that you can truly unwind for this precious free time you have to yourself.

3) Accessorize for comfort

Though nothing is truly necessary to accompany your siesta, for us Island Divas, let’s discuss accessories. A sun hat is always stylish, plus, when paired with dark sunglasses, it’s useful in both blocking out the daytime light and serving as a visual Do Not Disturb sign for any nosy neighbors/inquisitive tourists. Serenity can be increased with add-ons such as a pillow, relaxing oils, and soft music or a nap podcast (though if you can find a beach with lapping waves, there’s no soundtrack in the world quite like that). If you need an extra sleep aid to help you relax, perhaps treat yourself to an adult beverage on the way to your nap spot.

4) Choose the optimum napping locale

Location is essential in getting your weary womanly self chilled out enough to fall asleep. Select the wrong spot and you could risk wasting your ephemeral moment of solitude. Think shade, think quiet, think breezes, think off the beaten path. Leave the mainstream beaches to the tourists. If you can’t find anywhere peaceful enough, get creative. Perhaps a friend has a dreamy patio you could borrow for an hour while she’s at work – you get the idea.

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That’s it! Now kick up your legs and take a well-deserved nap, my dear. Close your eyes and feel the breeze as you drift off to sleep. Being a woman/mama who lives on a rock isn’t always easy. But the naps sure are one of the best perks of the job.

While everything soon come, you can snooze some under the shade of the Caribbean palms.

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Do you have a go-to island nap spot? What makes it so perfect for you?

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2 thoughts on “Island Mama Siesta

  1. Two things:
    1) You OWE it to your children to have whatever naps you need. They are much better off if your needs are served along with theirs.
    2) One way to get some time for yourself, for whatever reason you need it, is to find five parents in the same boat. ONE of you looks after ALL the kids for a couple of hours (figure on stress during your two hours) – the others have free uninterrupted glorious time for a whole eight hours – EVERY week. This also takes care of play dates, socialization, birthday parties (just trade your day), childhood friendships, . . .

  2. Try a babysitting Co-op. Have a group of friends that have kids that are similar in age. Or not. Each couple gets a night out or just alone per month. More if you have a big enough group. You could use your time on a date, napping, whatever. I have several friends that do this. Good luck!!

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