Island Bedmates

Written by: Christine G


When my (now) husband and I moved back to St. Croix, we had dreams of living in a quaint Caribbean cottage with a white picket fence, complete with island guard dogs roaming the yard. However, thanks to our first landlord’s No Dogs policy – small snag in the plan – we quickly became “crazy cat people” instead.

Over the years, we have had many cats come and go through our home, thanks in large part to my husband, who is a big softy when it comes to animals. We have rescued cats from flood waters, adopted them from bars, let strays into our home knowing full well that any day they would be giving birth to a litter of little ones (twice). So, needless to say, when I say we are cat people… we are truly Crazy Cat People.

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All of our feline babies are indoor/outdoor cats who enjoy the freedom to explore the lush island surroundings at will, and also have the comfort of knowing that there is always a full bowl of food (and on nights they are lucky – tuna) waiting for them, along with cuddles, kisses on the nose, endless belly rubs, and a cozy place to sleep.

One recent evening, I came home from a chill girl’s night out and was greeted at the door by “Mini Me”, our petite cat who weighs in at maybe 6lbs. She is known for her fickle, chatty disposition, and this night was no exception. She is a peculiar little feline that is set in her ways, always ready to let us know if we did not put the couch back correctly after mopping the floors, or if one of her siblings left a mess at the food dish. So as she meowed incessantly behind me as I walked up the stairs, I didn’t think much of it. I simply gave her some extra love and went inside.

To my surprise, when I walked into the darkened bedroom I found my husband all tucked in and fast asleep in our four post bamboo and rattan bed. The lights and the TV were off, which was strange, as I’m used to coming home to a bright house on the nights I go out. Also odd – for whatever reason, Mini Me refused to follow me into the room, holding her meowing post just outside the door. Not wanting to wake my husband up, I grabbed a flashlight and a good book and decided to read myself to sleep instead of turning the TV back on.

Just as my eyes started to grow heavy, I heard the telltale sound of feline mischief: the rattan headboard crackled. This spot is not an uncommon perch for our cats when they get in the mood to make a midnight ambush on our heads (purely for their entertainment, of course). I looked up, fully expecting to see our chatty little Mini Me. Only it wasn’t Mini Me. It was the size of Mini Me (and I am NOT exaggerating) – in RAT form. It sat, precariously teetering on the headboard with its tail mere centimeters from my husband’s ear as it is wobbled back and forth, back and forth.

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I gasped for air, clutching my chest in horror, and slithered out of the bed in a flash. I made a quick escape from the bedroom, concerned only for my own safety. In situations that concern rodents as large as cats, it is every man for himself!

Once I was safely out of the bedroom, I started to feel a bit guilty for not warning my sleeping husband about the very large acrobatic rodent that was not just in our bedroom, but on top of our bed. Though my guilt only went so far – there was no way I was stepping foot back in that bedroom. Instead, I stood in the doorway, gently tossing things at my husband, stage whispering, “Dave… pssst Dave! Hey! You may want to wake up!” Mini Me sat smugly at my feet, her eyes saying, Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

When my husband finally woke up, I frantically described the situation to him from the doorway, irrationally afraid that the BIG HAIRY RAT was going to jump out and attack my face at any minute. In true husband fashion, he laughed it off and told me to stop overreacting, that it was probably just a little mouse that had already found its way out of the bedroom. I was to stop worrying and get back in bed. I again emphasized the sheer size of the BIG HAIRY RAT, the fact that it was on our bed, and flat out refused to step foot back in the bedroom, let alone sleep anywhere in the apartment, until it was found and evicted from our home. I’ve seen the movies – I was not about to be eaten in my sleep.

After much back and forth “discussion”, I went out to the car in my nightgown and called my mom to tell her to expect a scantily-clad house guest; I was coming as is – there was NO WAY I was going back into the bedroom for clothes! As I was backing down the driveway, I saw all the apartment’s lights flash on and through the window, the silhouette of my husband frantically running around. And that’s when I knew that he knew – finally! – what I meant when when I said BIG HAIRY RAT. Who’s laughing now?

According to my husband, as I was calling my mom from the car, he went back to bed, rolling his eyes over what an overly sensitive girl I was being in my exaggerations. As he laid there in the dark, he suddenly felt something walking on the bed. He looked over to my side, expecting to see Mini Me just as I had, and instead came face to face with the BIG HAIRY RAT sitting on my pillow. The flourish of the thing then jumping onto the nightstand, Dave knocking things over, the rat climbing the curtains like Tarzan before finally escaping into the shadows of the night through the louvered windows – all of this has become the perfect end to our story when we now tag team it, sharing it with island friends.

Needless to say, I’m happy to report that I’ve received my proper vindication. Now, when I use the term “BIG HAIRY RAT”, he believes me completely (and yes, unfortunately this term has been used more that I care to admit in our island house). One would think that as self-confessed Crazy Cat People, we’d be protected from such madness. But alas, when the island rats grow to the size of cats, the playing grounds are evened – the cats have met their match.

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Christine Goodrich

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Christine is a long time resident of the “big island” of St. Croix. She lives with her new husband (a stateside import she met when she thought she wanted to be a city girl), whom she lived with, in sin, for 15 years before he finally made an honest woman out of her. Christine moved back to the islands in 2002 with her man in tow and together they decided it would be a good idea to renovate her childhood home… while they AND her parents continued to reside in it. She is the creative type, always collecting found objects for her next big art project which makes their side of the now-duplex a catchall of eclectic items to be used for everything from tiling the floors to decorating the walls (that is, if they ever get walls up…) Needless to say, living in a construction site with her husband and three cats, next door to her parents, there is many a day you will find Christine seeking refuge in her neighbor’s pool with a frosty beverage.



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9 thoughts on “Island Bedmates

  1. OMG! I would have reacted the same and went running out of there, lol! Your husband certainly had an eyeopener, haha, and will believe you next time.
    Great story!

  2. Gah! You were bravely & quiet. And brave! ( I’d be shrieking like a banshee).
    I believe that this is the one thing that will ultimately give me a melt-down when we move down south……… Not the Ants, scorpions ( poison variety ), millipedes, biting ants, geckos, toads and creepy snakes. The rats will put me over the edge.

    Okay, if cats won’t work for their room & Board and meals, how do you get rid of rats? ( poison, traps, pet mongoose? all of the above? ).

  3. We are fortunate to live with two Nevis cats (they found us) and they like nothing better than to kill rats..big rats often the size of my smaller cat. Since we have lost many of our coconut trees from Lethal Yellowing, the rats are fewer so they must resort to mice…but once in a while there is a monster rat laying on the doormat in the morning in perfect condition. Nothing is ever eaten as they prefer Friskies… it’s all for sport.
    Proud Parent

  4. Guess tossing a hand grenade wouldn’t have been an option while husband was still in bed.

    Never had a mouse or rat, but if you want to talk tarantulas, I’ve got it covered.

  5. Hahaha…brings to mind my early years in Barbados when a ‘small’ rat decided to jump from the rafters on to my head. I thought it was a Gecko and swiped it off when it bounced to my shoulder, but then I saw the cat go crazy and realized it was a rat. I grabbed the broom and jumped up on the chair. Big brave me….I left it for the cat to finish off and then I cleaned up the mess. Scared the crap out of me. My other night time friend turned out to be a ‘huge’ land crab that had crawled into the bedroom closet and was clicking around with it’s big claw. The same claw that had taken a chunk out of one of my kittens. Afraid it was coming into my bed, I took the same broom and trying not to get too close, finally managed to knock it on the floor and then outside. Life in the Tropics! I do miss it..I had 15 fun filled years there.

  6. We are set to move to St. Croix in December. Your article made me laugh out loud and gasp at the same time!! I looked up and said to my husband – WE NEED A CAT!! So excited for our big move – but not looking forward to some of our “new experiences”.

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