Holiday Hijinks in the Islands *PHOTO CONTEST*

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If your rock is anything like mine, the odds are high that you’ve been audibly accosted by Mariah Carey and other 90s gems crooning holiday tunes everywhere you go for weeks now – perhaps even months. This year, it all began for me when I walked past a surf shop back in July that was piping Frosty the Snowman out of their speakers onto the street. In JULY! A surf shop! I went in to make a formal complaint, citing the obvious seasonal inaccuracy, and the woman told me there was no way she was turning it off – it was her favorite song apparently and – no lie – “Christmas will be here soon!”. More recently, after my grocery shopping trip the other day, I spent the rest of the afternoon involuntarily humming along to a persistently catchy Christmas Calypso song. I want my brain back! Christmas inception, even in the Caribbean, has proven impossible to escape.

I’m no Ebenezer, though there’s something about this time of year that just feels a little “off” in the tropics. I have a hard time embracing the spirit. We’re sand, sunshine, and rum – not snowflakes, fir trees, and hot cocoa. I don’t see the point in pretending otherwise. And even if Santa Claus does make an appearance, his choice of a red velour jumpsuit in 80+ degrees is nonsensical, at best.

Yes, the holidays in the islands provide such a delightfully odd juxtaposition of everything most of us tend to associate with Christmas and the like. Sunburnt wintergreen trees on the beach, icicle string lights hung under the blasting Caribbean sun, bartenders sweating bullets under their Santa hats… Ho, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum!

burnt tree_WWLOR

To officially kick off the holiday season, we thought it would be fun to have our first Holiday Hijinks in the Islands photo contest. Here’s the details on how you can join in…

– Holiday Hijinks in the Islands Photo Contest –


Visit the Women Who Live on Rocks Facebook page and send us your photo in a private message to the page. Once we receive it, we will upload your photo to the album, “Holiday Hijinks Island Photo Contest 2014”. Feel free to include any applicable captions that you think would help to better explain your entry. (And don’t worry – we will be sure to include your name for appropriate photo credit.)

*The cut-off date for photo submissions is Tuesday, December 30th.*


Your photo must belong to you and must be taken on a tropical island. Anything in the holiday theme will be accepted – though funny pictures of particularly quirky island oddities are always our fav. Everyone is eligible to participate – whether you live on a rock or not. You may submit as many photos as you desire, so long as they meet the qualifications.

tire tree_WWLOR


Once you see your photo has been added to the “Holiday Hijinks Island Photo Contest 2014” album on our Facebook page, feel free to share it from there and help your photo get “likes”. Obviously, the sooner you submit your photos, the better chance they will have in garnering attention.

The 6 photos with the most “likes” as of Friday, January 2nd will be our finalists. Out of the 6 finalists, we (Ashley and I) will select our three favorites as the contest winners, which we will announce on Saturday, January 3rd on our Facebook page.


We’re excited to announce the launch of Women Who Live on Rocks – THE SHOP! Our new online shop is full of our signature swag – hats, apparel, decals, tote bags, drinkware, and more – lots of fun and funny gear perfect for island life (and Christmas gifts! *wink wink*). Everything is officially available for purchase starting today.


The 3 winners of the photo contest will receive any one item of their choosing from our new store!

–   –   –

We’re looking forward to seeing a peek of what the holidays are like on your rock.

Get snapping, people – the contest begins NOW!

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10 thoughts on “Holiday Hijinks in the Islands *PHOTO CONTEST*

  1. That music is seriously effective. Walking around a supermarket the other day all sweaty and disgusting I found that I’d thrown in an overpriced advent calendar and festive tins of sweets into my trolley while humming along to “Last Christmas” by Wham.

    Looking forward to seeing the photos!

    • So true, Mary! I guess this is one of those times I should be grateful that there isn’t much that I desire to impulse buy in my grocery stores lolol #silverlining 😉

  2. I refuse to install the new private message software on FB, is there an email that I can send my Caribbean Christmas Tree pic to so I can enter the contest? Yes, I know refusing to install it is a bit crazy, but in my defense, I have lived on a rock in the middle of the ocean for over 25 yrs, cut me some slack.

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