The Adventurous Life of Barley The Pirate Dog

Instead of always hearing about life on a rock from a human’s perspective, perhaps to mix things up you’d like to hear it from the floor-level vantage point of a 4-legged furry being…. My name is Barley and I’m a mature 57 … Continue reading

12 Things They Don’t Tell You About Vet School On An Island

Written by: COLLEEN BEVERLY   When I first heard of St. George’s University, it sounded like a dream. Veterinary school in paradise, anyone?! I envisioned working towards my degree in a relaxing, exotic location – one where I could no doubt … Continue reading

Reflections of a Rookie “Rock Restauranteur”

Written by: VALERIE SIMS   I have lived on rocks all my life. I love them so much I’ve read everything I can find about them. Call me the “rock researcher”, for there isn’t a rock in the Virgin Islands that I … Continue reading