Swiping Right in the Seychelles

Written by: LOUISE HIGGINS   Coming from London, I am not averse to the world of internet dating or, to be even more specific, Tinder dating. As it becomes more prevalent in our day to day lives, it becomes ever more common … Continue reading

7 Things No One Tells You about Moving to a Rock

As we near our second year anniversary of making the leap to move to an island, site unseen, I have realized some “truths” about life on a rock. When we were grappling with the decision of making the move, I … Continue reading

The Art of Island Civility

Written by: DARLENE MCCARTHY BARNFIELD     “Good morning. How are you?” If you’re smart, this is the first expression you’ll add to your verbal repertoire upon arriving in Bermuda, followed very quickly by “good afternoon” and then, of course, … Continue reading

An Education in Rock Real Estate

Choosing to make our favorite rock, Grenada, our permanent home was the easy part. Deciding on the type of housing that would be best for us proved to be more of a challenge. Our thought process went something like this: … Continue reading

12 Things They Don’t Tell You About Vet School On An Island

Written by: COLLEEN BEVERLY   When I first heard of St. George’s University, it sounded like a dream. Veterinary school in paradise, anyone?! I envisioned working towards my degree in a relaxing, exotic location – one where I could no doubt … Continue reading