A Green Christmas in Aruba

Written by: Tiffany Lewis It’s hot and sticky outside and my neighbor, Poor John, is blasting “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” from his house, which seems surreal since the island is turning green… definitively not white. Sinterklaas visits homes tomorrow … Continue reading

The Ultimate Island Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Written by: Chrissann Nickel   Looking out the window from my desk at the near oppressive Caribbean sunshine and the boats sailing by on the sparkling water below (not to mention the sweat trickling down between my boobs – yeah, you … Continue reading

Island Ingenuity: Christmas Edition

Written by: ROXANE BOONSTRA   ‘Twas three weeks before Christmas with family arriving, when I sought holiday décor to enjoy when not diving. All through the island, not a tree was in stock; the supplier had cancelled, to my open-mouthed … Continue reading

10 Things about Island Christmas that Confuse and Delight Me

Written by: BETHANY PERRY   As I celebrate my very first Christmas on my rock, I can’t help but notice how oddly and wonderfully different it is to everything I’m used to…   1. It begins on November 1st, not … Continue reading

100+ Unconventional Gifts for the Islander on your List

Written by: CHRISSANN NICKEL   Islanders are not your average people. And this is not your average gift guide. Find something for your island friends, your island family members, or treat yo’self! Here’s a list of randomly awesome gift ideas … Continue reading

How to Survive Your First Carnival

Written by: HEIDI TIEFENTHALER   Starting at the end of July, Anguilla was buzzing with talent competitions, Battle of the Band nights, food everywhere you turned, and, of course, boat races. Carnival had arrived! Every summer, Anguillians celebrate their emancipation … Continue reading

An Xpat Xmas

Written by: Kate   I moved out to Tortola on the 11th of December in 2012. My mum was aghast that I had chosen to move right before Christmas. Whilst I didn’t want to miss out my family’s holiday celebration, … Continue reading

Christmas Cookies and Island-style Honesty

Written by: Chrissann   While I’ve never been a big holiday person, the one thing I have always looked forward to come December is the sudden influx of sugar-infused gifts for my insatiable sweet tooth to consume. From boxes of … Continue reading