The “F” Word

Written by: Melissa     A recent conversation I had with a local middle school girl I know went exactly like this: Middle School Girl: “Melissa, you’re getting really fat.” Me: “Yep, this baby is starting to grow!” Middle School … Continue reading

Islands and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Written by: Melissa   You hear a lot of crazy stories living in the islands. About eight or nine years ago, while living in the Bahamas, I once heard about the local supply store being overrun by a herd of … Continue reading

An Island Dinner Party Gone Wrong

Written by: Melissa   Back when my husband and I first got married, we lived on a somewhat small and very sparsely populated island in the southern Bahamas. All the Bahamian locals were friendly and welcoming. A lot of them … Continue reading

A Helpful Guide to Seeing a Movie in the VI

Written by: Melissa   Before I begin, I want to be very clear. This post is not a complaint. If you’re lucky enough to live on an island with a movie theater (which I currently am), you don’t complain. Why? … Continue reading

A Story about an Island Landlord and his Cousin’s China Cabinet

Written by: Melissa   Once upon a time, we moved to an island and into an apartment, sight unseen. Our employer had secured it for us through a realtor so that we didn’t have to spend the money on an … Continue reading

Be Warned – The Island Wants You Dead

Written by: Melissa   Caribbean islands are beautiful. Inspiring. Breathtaking. But all of that becomes secondary and quickly fades away when you realize one thing: they want to kill you. Yes, you heard me correctly. The islands are out to … Continue reading

It’s Just Like Whole Foods. Without the Meat.

Written by: Melissa   On a recent hunt for a local source of essential oils (that did not involve a folding table and a Rasta guy outside of Kmart) several people asked if I’d been to the natural foods store. … Continue reading

Things People Do With Horses

written by: melissa   I did it. This Christmas I entered the modern age of smartphones. Personally, I miss the time when I could exist with a phone that only made phone calls. Living on an island helped me to … Continue reading