What the Holy Trinity of Cuban Drinks says about Cubans

Written by: JENNIFER LEGRA   Every island has an indigenous drink, a drink that is original to that place. The Dominican Republic’s native drink is Mamajuana. Mexico’s drink is the margarita. The Bahama Mama comes to us by way of Jamaica – I kid – from the … Continue reading

On-Island for the Holidays: Thanksgiving Olympics

Written by: Jen L   As expat rock dwellers, we have to pick and choose the holidays we go home for – we can’t have ’em all. Christmas is mine. I won’t miss it. Maybe someday when we live farther away I … Continue reading

Returning to the Rock: It’s Good To Be Back

Written by: Jen L   Let me be very clear: I was pee-my-pants excited to be in the States for some of the autumn season. This was the first time in 3 years that I got to experience the awesomeness that … Continue reading

Dominican Dictionary

Written by: Jen L   Any place you visit will have a kind of cultural dictionary. And I’m not talking about the 101 terms – the hola or gracias of every language, although of course when traveling it’s good to know those. … Continue reading

Me and My Island Need A Break

Written by: Jen L   Many of us who have experienced the end of a relationship can relate to Paul Simon’s song 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, which aptly describes that urgent feeling of desperation behind finally breaking free – in the … Continue reading

The Freddy Krueger of Insects

Written by: Jen L   Prior to moving, I daydreamed about all of the fantastical adventures that would unfold in my life once I lived on a tropical island. While packing my 6 suitcases, I fantasized about all of the Pinteresty-nautical-islandy … Continue reading

To Curse or Not to Curse (the Loudness), That Is the Question

Written by: Jen L   Within the first week of our arrival to Santo Domingo, a neighbor downstairs had a party and all I could think was: For the love of God, I’m 8 months uncomfortably pregnant and I just want to … Continue reading