Island Perplexities Currently Perplexing Me

Written by: Dillinger   A couple of years living on this island and my grasp on reality becomes ever diminished. As each day dawns, my understanding of the world and the people around me becomes less and less. I don’t … Continue reading

The Rules of Engagement…Does it Matter?

Written by: Dillinger   About a decade ago, I crossed paths with a gentleman called Dr. Dolvinsky. He was undeniably screwed up. He was bi-polar, had middle-child syndrome, chronic diabetes, a 50-something German wife, a 20-something Swedish girlfriend, and a … Continue reading

The Bodyguard

Written by: Dillinger   From an early age, I’ve been a freak magnet. It’s genetic. My Father is a freak magnet too.  Leave either one of us alone in a public place for more than a few minutes and some … Continue reading

The Closet

Written by: Dillinger   The closet is full to bursting. Though not my closet, which is decidedly bare. The proverbial “closet’”. The one where Martha lives wrapped up in a rainbow scarf, but Arthur won’t let her out. If you ask a … Continue reading

One Love

Written by: Dillinger   I admit it.  I am no longer a booty call. I am having an identity crisis. I run through the possibilities in my mind: Lover? Partner? Girlfriend? Wife? Nothing fits. I don’t really have any real points of … Continue reading

The Jumbie Factor

Written by: Dillinger   A jumbie is a malevolent (possibly evil) and mischievous entity that plays a central part in many Caribbean folklores. I suppose they are akin to imps, sprites, ghosts, and pixies. Mocko jumbie shows, which are put … Continue reading

Me, My Radiator, and My Day Off

Written by: Dillinger   I was talking to someone recently about how frustrating it is that everything over here is constantly breaking. But then I began to wonder whether things actually did disproportionately break on this rock or whether the truth … Continue reading

Spa Therapy

Written by: Dillinger   I’m not a big fan of spa treatments.  It’s all a bit too touchy-feely for me.  A decent pedicure is pretty much my limit.  Typically, I will only get a spa treatment if I am on holiday or … Continue reading

Eco Warriors

Written by: Dillinger   I don’t really consider the Caribbean island I reside on to be a “developing country” (though I’m actually not quite sure how the ‘”developing” status is allocated), however, unlike the developing world, recycling is considered a … Continue reading