What To Do When Your Island Makes You Lonely

Written by: Chrissann Nickel   Feeling like a castaway? We all do sometimes. Here are my top Island Survival Strategies to Combat Loneliness on a Rock: 1. Don’t expect all friends to fill every friendship hole. I have definitely been guilty … Continue reading

13 Unexpected Items You’ll Be Happy You Packed For Your Island Vacation

When prepping for a holiday in the sun, most people have a general idea of the essentials they need to pack. With consistently warm weather year round, it’s fairly obvious what you’ll be wearing: swimsuits, sunscreen, sun hats, and some … Continue reading

10 Reasons Why Island Life Suits Me Perfectly

We all have our reasons for moving to an island, most of us sharing similar motives. Slower pace. Escaping some life situation we’ve grown tired of (insert: bad job, bad weather, bad relationship here). An undeniable attraction to the color … Continue reading

The Ultimate Island Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Written by: Chrissann Nickel   Looking out the window from my desk at the near oppressive Caribbean sunshine and the boats sailing by on the sparkling water below (not to mention the sweat trickling down between my boobs – yeah, you … Continue reading

For the Love of Island Girlfriends


There are many essentials you simply can’t live without on a rock – things like mosquito rackets, reliable brakes, wine, polarized sunglasses, duct tape, backup wine, you name it. But above all the little things (and the big things like … Continue reading

100+ Unconventional Gifts for the Islander on your List

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15 Coping Strategies for the ‘Type A’ Islander

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Rock Fever: An Island Ditty

Written by: Chrissann               Everything is annoying me and taking too damn long. I’ve lost every scrap of patience; I think I know what’s wrong. It happens when I’ve been trapped here, on this … Continue reading