Learner Driver – The Finale

Written by: Baldrick   Months have passed since my last post on the driving saga and so you could be forgiven for thinking I had hushed up a third failure, but… Ta-dah! I am delighted to present my driver’s licence. … Continue reading

Learner Driver – Part 2

Written by: Baldrick   This post is a continuation of Baldrick’s saga to obtain her island driver’s license. If you missed it, be sure to check out Learner Driver: Part 1.                It’s Saturday … Continue reading

Learner Driver – Part 1

Written by: Baldrick   When I worked for one of the world’s wealthiest Russians, I often had the pleasure of being escorted by members of the security team when moving to and from the yacht and villa. They can be … Continue reading

The Blanket Is Off.

Written by: Baldrick   Despite my desire to remain in the cool of winter, summer is most definitely here and with it comes oppressive heat and incessant sweating. It saddens me to remove and launder the blanket knowing that I … Continue reading

Sucking Air

Written by: Baldrick   It’s 8:04 and the entire staff has congregated under the garage, sheltering from the much needed downpour. Before there was any real management on the island, when things were a little slack, we’d have all gone … Continue reading

The Shipping Forecast

Written by: Baldrick   Last Christmas all of the staff received smart phones, which was a great choice of gift. Not only is it a great work tool providing email access to all of our employees, but it also opens … Continue reading

Chronic Island Wardrobe Frustrations

Written by: Baldrick   It is the eve before I depart on my newly initiated annual trip to New Orleans. With the time showing just minutes to 11pm, it has become apparent that  a) I have yet again left packing … Continue reading

Island Bound Friends

Written by: Baldrick   In a few weeks my oldest and dearest friend and her delightfully eccentric mother will leave the cold of England for the warmth of the islands. It will take a long car journey, two flights, a … Continue reading

Refrigerator Soup

Written by: Baldrick   I love food. In the sense that I love a good trough, not that I am a foodie. I do not possess superior taste nor am I eager to try bizarre food. I tend to dislike … Continue reading