My Island Hut in the Woods: A Photographic Tour

Written by Ashley Ladlie I’ve written about my beautifully unique indoor/outdoor, off the grid, micro-living situation before. I tend to share artsier photos that don’t offer a clear glimpse of what the place actually looks like. Partly because I like to … Continue reading

Stranded in Paradise, Part 2.

Written by Ashley …Continued from Part 1. Sending my mood upward still, a rooster gallops across the yard.  Not so much galloping in the way of a horse…more in the way of a three-year-old little girl pretending to be a unicorn. … Continue reading

Stranded in Paradise, Part 1.

girl and dog need ride sign

Written by Ashley Goodbye, Average Adult Existence. Helloooo, Never-Never Land! I recently heard it put by a longtime resident that life on my island is akin to an extended college experience. While not a perfect comparison, it’s far more accurate … Continue reading

You Might Be An Island Girl If: Part 2.

 Did you catch Part One in this series? Be sure to check out all the fun additions from fellow islanders in the Comments section. You will giggle. The longer I live on an island, the more I find myself doing and … Continue reading

Accepting Instruction: Another Island Attitude Adjustment

Written By Ashley When I first moved to the VI, one thing I found supremely irritating was when old West Indian men offered unsolicited driving advice, specifically when I would try to maneuver or park in a tight area. Try … Continue reading

White Girl Jive Talk

hey mon no problem smiley face”

Appreciate, good. Appropriate, bad. By Ashley I’m a white, bookish, Midwestern chick with an English degree. And… I frequently break into Caribbean slang. I simply cannot help it. Well. I suppose if I tried very hard, I could maintain the … Continue reading

The (Not So) Mixed Blessings of Indoor / Outdoor Life On a Rock

Or, On Accepting the Very Real Possibility that I Am, Indeed, “Here Because I’m Not All There.” Written By Ashley So. I’ve been trying to write a pros and cons style piece about my indoor/outdoor living situation. Despite having lots to … Continue reading

A Day in the Life of an Easily-Overwhelmed, Increasingly-Rugged Island Girl. Part 2.

Written by Ashley …Continued from Part 1. 12:45 pm. Under the Canopy, My Bed. Wake from nap. Start writing blog post. Feel distracted. Look up definition of “campy” to confirm what I already know. Start reading sixteen-part Salon cultural criticism … Continue reading

A Day in the Life of an Easily-Overwhelmed, Increasingly-Rugged Island Girl. Part 1.

Written By Ashley Even though I live on a remote part of a tiny isolated speck in the middle of the ocean, there’s somehow never a dull moment. And some days are truly just…something else. Since I failed to produce … Continue reading