Tara Hill

About Tara Hill

Tara's home rock is located on the southeastern tip of Cuba (ok, ok, you do the math, er, geography...) and is a tiny Mayberry of a place. It's also a Peyton Place. Ya take the good with the bad. She has spent 6 years here already and can foresee many more. She knows at least half of the cars on her rock and waves to many more. She also knows the previous approximately 3.5 owners of each vehicle on the rock. It's a place where people come and go but the cars stay behind.

She spends quite a bit of time learning the unwritten history of her rock. She has an informal Adventure Club that seeks out the mysterious tunnels under the golf course, the best high altitude lookout points, and the forgotten historical forts that dot her rock. Life here is an endless summer sleep-away camp.

Tara is currently a happy 44 year old American spinster who enjoys making her own decisions about money, following the adventures of her own career, spoiling her dogs, and accepting puppy kisses - no matter who cares if it's icky. She hates the cold and plans to spend the rest of her life south of the US Interstate 10. She considers black flip flops equivalent to "formal wear". Due to the limitations of her strange, beautiful rock, she has taken up a number of habits she may never have fallen in love with when she lived back on the mainland: namely ceramics, painting, homemade greeting card making, and playing the piccolo. Her current diversion is publishing two volumes of poetry on Kindle. She also enjoys writing, snorkeling, off-roading in her 4x4, SCUBA diving, hiking, gardening, and practicing the art of being an extroverted introvert. Let's be frank, mostly, she just loves her two dogs and a cat.