Stephanie Tavera

About Stephanie Tavera

Stephanie fell in love with the Caribbean when her boyfriend moved to the US Virgin Islands in 2012. She married him pretty quickly after that and joined him in a cozy little shack, erm… “cottage” in 2013. Life on St. John was fun, fast, and drunk. Stephanie briefly moved back to the US to birth a delightful child. Though she temporarily left the islands, the islands never left her. Haunted by dreams of sapphire blue water, awkward situations, and enchanting critters of all sorts (read: stray cats who pee in your Jeep), she and her husband resolved to return.

They are both starting online businesses and are returning to the Caribbean to reside in Grand Cayman. Stephanie is currently learning how to survive without Painkillers (the drinks, not the pills), while transitioning into motherhood. You can find her stripping her teeth at whatever calamity she is facing, while retaining her Southern roots: “Bless her heart.”