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London, England

Born in the year that her parent’s beloved island was supposedly “set free”, Sonia came into this world as what she describes as an “independence baby”. Despite being born and raised in London, UK, she grew up with the yearning to “go home”, as she often heard her parents lament. Home has always been the rock called Jamaica and was affectionately called “back ah yard”. She was constantly reminded that, “No where no better than yard.” Many holiday vacations were taken over the years and a real connection was made. Nowhere in the world did, in fact, prove to be better than “yard”.

Following a successful career in social care management, life coach and business consultant Sonia made her lifelong decision to “come home”. Full of the confidence of a black, British woman with full Jamaican parental training, she stepped forth into her new beginnings and new becoming.

Sonia is proud of the makeshift patois language that she learned during childhood in order to communicate with her mother and other relatives living in the UK who refused to speak “proper” English. The Jamaican intonations mixed with “proper” English seem to sound either weird or fascinating to the local people who often stop and stare on hearing her voice in the local markets, etc. This has not phased her, and she usually ends up speaking to more people as a result.

Writing has always been one of Sonia’s passions next to meeting new people. Her time on the rock has allowed her creative juices to flow amidst the amazing natural beauty of her island and its people. It has not all been plain sailing, but writing is the perfect way to look at the funnier side of the challenges of living on the rock. She also writes under the pseudonym, The Inner Gardener.

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