Written By:

Shay Horner

Current Rock of Residence:


Island Girl Since:


Originally Hails From:

All over the US and Panama (Dad was a Green Beret)

Shay and her husband Steve decided that when the kids left for college, they wanted to live on an island. They didn’t know which one but after renewing their vows for their 20th anniversary on Nevis, they decided that they had found their home. Now, if the kids would just stop ruining their lives and go to college already, they would be there full time (1 1/2 more years…!!). Until then, Shay goes back and forth 4-5 times a year while Steve pays for it!

Part of what feeds her family’s soul is working with the local animal rescue group. She’s not sure if she saves them or they save her. Each trip to Nevis, she goes on social media and begs anyone who knows her to take a dog, which they have affectionately named, “Nevisian Mango Hounds”. She then flies them back to the states and sometimes drives them for 14 hours. Each time, she vows “never again” and then she sees another pup.

After three years of hopping between Florida and Nevis, the honeymoon has begun to wear off and the reality of rock living has set in. It doesn’t make her want to be there any less but it has given her some interesting writing material. She has learned a few things like, “If the locals aren’t taking the ferry, don’t take the ferry” after almost dying when Steve HAD to get to the airport during a hurricane. Lesson learned!

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