Sandra Miller

About Sandra Miller

Sandra, or "Sandra Louise" as her boat is called, is a Shaman, a tennis teaching pro, a mom, and a sailor. She raised her daughter in suburban New Jersey and had a very fun business teaching tennis.

Sandra has bee cruising the east coast with her Captain partner for the past several years. They started cruising the east coast in a J24 then upgraded to a Pearson 39', which was then lost in Hurricane Sandy in the safe harbor of Perth Amboy, NJ. After Hurricane Sandy, which has left its mark on the NJ coast, Sandra and the Captain bought a Catalina 42' and have been cruising ever since.

After going back and forth from Florida to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, one fine day they continued sailing south, past the Bahamas, through Turks and Caicos, past Haiti and the Dominican Republic, along the coast of Puerto Rico, past the Spanish Virgin Islands and St. Thomas, finally stopping at St. John, VI. To their utter amazement, they have been moored, anchored, and sailing around St. John for the past 15 months with no plans to leave anytime soon.

Sandra can be found leading kayaking and snorkel tours or working at a local shop in Coral Bay and playing lots of tennis on every court on St. John. She also leads Shaman gatherings with crystals and guided meditations.