Written By:

Myriam Houari

Current Rock of Residence:

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Island Girl Since:


Originally Hails From:

Montreal, Canada

Myriam fell in love with this little rock in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand in 2009 while travelling with a friend. On one heavily alcohol-infused night, the two French-Canadian foodies made a pact to return to Koh Phangan and open up a restaurant together… as soon as possible! Six months later, they were back on the island with their hopes and dreams (and way too much luggage!) to start their new tropical island life.

After months of hard work, amazing encounters, tears of frustration, unstoppable laughter, Asian bureaucratic nightmares, and many other “what the freak?!” moments, the girls finally opened their own burger joint. After an overload of rice and curries, who doesn’t want to sink their teeth into a juicy (and sanitary) piece of meat topped with all the goodness that expats and travelers miss from home? Right? That’s what they thought, and thankfully it worked!

Five years later, Myriam is living in a house in the jungle with her Australian boyfriend, an obese dog, a ghetto cat, and numerous lizards on the roof. She now runs a great little resort on the beach and spends most of her free time cooking, talking about food, or eating. You can also find her storming around the island on her moped, snorkeling, doing Pilates, or just enjoying a few sunset drinks.

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