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Trinidad and Tobago

After teaching for thirty years from kindergarten to college and just before being caught in the jaws of administrative tertiary education, Kathy fell and broke her ankle. Little did she know that this unexpected and inconvenient event would lead to the opening up of a whole new world.

Journal writing had always been a way to self-express privately. It was therefore not a big leap to start one blog, cross the technical hurdles, then launch another that has its beginnings in the first one.

Kathy is a Trinidadian. She has visited a few other Caribbean rocks, as well as some continental rocks, and spent 10 years living in the Turks and Caicos islands where she taught several English and Communication courses at the community college in Grand Turk. One thing that she has observed is that life is filled with twists and turns wherever you are!

Having returned to Trinidad in 2009, she not only gained a greater appreciation for her island’s natural environment (this is reflected in both blogs), but also welcomed the experiences of others, including small businesses, to her sites. She also created a Facebook writing community called, “We Write” and is an administrator for the closed group, “Caribbean News Now”.

Kathy thoroughly enjoys her “early retirement” and being her own boss. High on her list of priorities is a visit to every Caribbean island, a publication based on her wellness blog, and maybe even a TV channel based on her mostly local travel blog. The years of experiences have taught her that nothing is lost! Who would have thought that a broken ankle was actually a blessing in disguise?

Kathy’s other loves include: self-styled meditations; creating haikus; finding genuine common ground with persons she has never met; asking lots of questions; collecting sea glass; and taking naps.

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