Written By:

Janis Hough

Current Rock of Residence:


Island Girl Since:

October 2014

Originally Hails From:

Hereford, UK

Janis first arrived on her rock as a visitor back in 2012, finally taking up residence this past October 2014. She’s a hobbit from the Shires in Herefordshire UK, and often wonders if it was the call of getting her hobbit feet out of shoes and socks to be the “Barefoot Coach” that made her move to her rock inevitable. Currently living in a hobbit hole high above a small village, she enjoys views out across the ocean to Montserrat, St. Kitts, and Nevis on clear days. Janis spends her days and nights being a “Head Mechanic“, helping people live better, happier lives. She loves living a simpler life; as long as she can start the day with fresh coffee, she’s good to go. Being a non-drinker (she just can’t handle it) means she is often found ferrying her imbibing friends around the island, yet wonders if drinking would actually make island living easier. She has as much love for animals as she does for human beings, house-sitting and pet-sitting to get her animal fix, and tries her best to not get into fights with people who don’t view animals with the same love as she does. One of her must frequently used words is FUCK, as it covers such a multitude of meanings and emotions and after all, it is but a word.

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