Inga Emma

About Inga Emma

Inga has lived on Grenada for a few years now and has reached that elusive level where her hairdresser tells her that she sounds like a West Indian who is trying not to sound like a West Indian! She spends a lot of time waiting patiently for goats to clear the roads that she drives on and yelling at potholes that threaten to swallow her Suzuki whole. She came to Grenada the first time to follow her dream of becoming a veterinarian and has since returned to help others reach that same goal. She is lucky to teach those that are so passionate about becoming veterinarians that they also decided to become rock dwellers for a few years.

When she’s not teaching, she finds time for sport. This might be the sport of cycling through speeding rasta buses, whilst simultaneously avoiding pedestrians, the aforementioned goats, potholes, and the occasional tourist. Other sports include swimming, running, and sailing. If she’s feeling particularly adventurous, she joins the Grenada Hash House Harriers for a traipse through some of the more inaccessible parts of the island. This group of people might be the craziest she has found, whose love of running is only eclipsed by their love of beer. On that note, it might be time for a cold Stag…