Colleen Beverly

About Colleen Beverly

Although she's a self-proclaimed "sassy Hoosier", Colleen is happy to call Grenada her home rock. She relocated there in August of 2015 to pursue veterinary school and has grown to love the quirks of island life. Navigating vet school in a new country has presented challenges, but it is from those challenges that she derives her strength. In her free time, she enjoys exploring her new home and its local culture, lazing around the beach, reading, and befriending stray animals.

12 Things They Don’t Tell You About Vet School On An Island

When I first heard of St. George’s University, it sounded like a dream. Veterinary school in paradise, anyone?! I envisioned working towards my degree in a relaxing, exotic location – one where I could no doubt take in beach after beautiful … Continue reading