Belinda Irvine

About Belinda Irvine

Originally from the largest rock - Australia - Belinda went via two other rocks - New Zealand and Singapore - before arriving in Fiji, a smallish rock in the middle of the Pacific. Fiji definitely feels like home now.

Belinda loves living on her rock (as long as the air-conditioning is working in January and February when the humidity maxes out at 101%). She loves to create good, clean food from scratch using local ingredients and is currently obsessed with Thermomix cooking. It also helps that she can rely on her husband to keep the freezer full of fish.

These days, Belinda rarely leaves the house without her trusty DSLR and loves to capture the beauty and colours of Fiji. She's got the whole camera to wifi sharing thing worked out and shares her shots on the run (, usually while bobbing around in the ocean trying not to be seasick from selecting images from her camera.

During weekdays, you'll find her working on her websites Reelax'n ( and MyOodle ( and consulting for clients around the world. On the weekends, Belinda and her husband will be on their boat Reelax'n, exploring the Fiji islands.

If you want to take a virtual tour of Fiji or one of those inspired by reality (a sticky beak), you can pop over to Reelax'n to take a closer look. You can also hire her for website design, digital marketing, and SEO to get your website rockin'.