Written By:

Alexandra Lorelle

Current Rock of Residence:

Roatan, Honduras

Island Girl Since:


Originally Hails From:


After living a life in the care and service of others (husband, now ex, and sons, now grown), Alexandra decided it was time to throw caution to the wind and live on a tropical island in a third world country. (Yes, a single woman… How will she do it? Stay tuned, she will probably die.)

Alex has lived on other islands in her time. She lived in Japan as a child, speaking Japanese and even now speaks English with a Japanese accent. In her formative years, she, along with her parents and brother, also lived on an island off the west coast of Canada.

But she spent the last 17 years landlocked in the prairies of Canada. She longed for the sea, the lake, the river, or any body of water. She hates shoes. Flip flops are ok, but barefoot is best.

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